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Transition California Resource Download Page

This page has been set up to serve as a resource download page
for Transition California members.
Right click any of the links and hit 'save link as' or
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The Transition Handbook
- free edit version -

Welcome to a rather exciting new venture for the Transition movement. Since the Transition Handbook was published in March 2008, it has been a very popular guide to the idea, now being published in a number of languages as the Transition movement spreads around the world. As these ideas are tried and tested in many cultures, contexts and different scales, the idea is to invite those who have actually been experimenting with it on the ground to rewrite the book. We invite you to contribute your wisdom, experience, successes, failures and insights to the second edition of The Transition Handbook , writing on the sections you feel you have insights to add.

We will be adding more resources as we go along!

SeThInk Media is establishing itself as a 'Common Good 'B' Corporation' and is currently privately owned by Daniel Cavallaro and Joshua Green.

As we herald in the 'Information Age' and brick & mortar publishing companies are collapsing (as well as many other 'old world structures), SeThInk Media is emerging to serve the collective desire for regenerative media and new publishing company structure.

Community/Social Responsibility:

SeThInk Media is being incorporated as a 'Common Good 'B' Corporation' which are actually two new corporate models that is being pioneered by many businesses across the United States. We have combined them together and will also be using the Google business model as we develop our corporate documents.

Environmental Responsibility:

SeThInk Media addresses the environmental impact of media by offering discounted prices on digital media products versus hard copy versions. We believe if people have the option and technological capability they will resonate with digital product purchasing. As other products are developed SeThInk will also use the highest quality services and organic material sources.

Most businesses wait until they have reached a certain profit level before even considering philanthropic giving. SeThInk Media was actually founded to be a for-profit business that generates revenue for a private non-profit foundation - the Green Fire Foundation. SeThInk Media owners have founded this organization to be the recipient of 10% of gross company profits and is currently building its organizational structure alongside SeThInk Media. In the spirit of the clothing company NAU's slogan "Business Un-Usual" the SeThInk Team believes that real changes can only happen if we are willing to do this differently and step outside of the standard protocol 'box' - thus birthing the companies slogan - Think Outside of the Box and Live in the Sphere.

We invite you to journey with us on this learning spiral as we build from 'Ground Zero' what may become a business/non-profit model that will allow "business to do good and the good to do business".

What is a Common Good Corporation?

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